Hawkins Laakso Wealth Management has been providing financial services, estate planning (using life insurance and other financial products), business planning and investment and insurance products to clients since 2005.  Its founders, George Wesley Hawkins and Christopher Michael Laakso, have been with Equitable Advisors since 1998 and 2001, respectively.

"Our passion for achieving results for our clients has and will continue to be the primary motivation for our organization." - HLWM

As Managing Partners, George and Chris bring a combined industry experience of over 36 years to the practice.  George focuses primarily on asset management and investment research for Hawkins Laakso Wealth Management clients, while Chris develops and designs custom strategies for clients with financial planning and protection needs.  The focus of Hawkins Laakso Wealth Management  is on providing a comprehensive team "experience" for business owners and individuals that not meets, but exceeds our client's expectations at every turn.

"We measure our success by our clients' results." - HLWM

Equitable Advisors and its representatives do not offer tax or legal advice.  Please consult with your tax and/or legal advisors for your particular circumstance.

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Chris Laakso with Equitable CEO Mark Pearson  _____________________________________________________________

This is an image of Chris Laakso and his Executive Committee Members of the NAF (National Associates Forum). This was an important event acknowledging the hard work of this body of advisors who volunteer their time to insure that our company stays on the forefront of advances in all aspects of our business. As Chair, Chris made a lasting difference in many areas this year that will have a lasting impact for our firm, our company and our clients.


We welcome the newly elected Executive Committee members, and newly elected NAF Chair Chris Laakso, with David Downs, the current Chair of the NAF.
The picture to the right is of Chris Laakso and David Downs together.  This was the transition of power ceremony where Chris gave David a certificate of service as the Chair of the NAF.